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Products Name : Sand Pump  |  ZJ dregs thick liquid pump

Products Description :

The ZJ series dregs thick liquid pumps is the our company according to the market demand, the absorption domestically, outside the advanced technology develops the design the series product. Pumps uses the outstanding water power model design, the efficiency high, the performance is good. The double pump housing structure, the installment service is convenient. This product engineering factor conforms to JB/T8096-1998 "Centrifugal-type Dregs Thick liquid To pump" the standard.

Rotational speed: Electrical machinery straight association transmission 2900/1480/980/730/590/ r/min
Between the belt pulley the association transmission conforms to the customer requirement
Medium temperature: General <= 80 ℃ Special may reach 110 ℃
Solid fluid mixture weight concentration: Mortar density <=45% Pulp density <= 60%
Current capacity Fan Zhuan: 30-2000m3/h
Lifts the scope: 15-30m

Horizontal type

The flexible coupling straight association transmission (requests below 160kW according to customer to be possible to use belt pulley variable transmission)
Pumps the export to be possible according to need to revolve 4directions according to 90 ℃ gaps (normally to supply goods exportation vertically to be upward)
According to needs to pump may connect the use

Products Name : Sand Pump  |  Under the SP series fluid the dregs thick liquid pumps

Products Description :

Under the SP fluid the dregs thick liquid pumps for the vertical centrifugal dregs thick liquid pumps, plunges under the fluid, uses into transport the agreeability, the thick pellet, the highly concentrated dregs thick liquid. Does not need any axis to seal with the axis seals the water, is insufficient in the absorption quantity under the operating mode also can the normal work. SP pumps has flowed the part to be made by the wear-resisting metal. SPR pumps plunges under the fluid the spare part to bring the rubber outer lining, is suitable to transporting the non- edges and corners the agreeability dregs thick liquid. According to the dregs thick liquid pond liquid level height, may choose the different length the pump driving shaft or the induction pipe. Uses the many kinds of speeds and the many kinds of aberrations way, causes to pump under the best operating mode moves, service life long, the movement benefit is high, can satisfy many kind of bad transportations condition.

Mainly is suitable for the transportation corrosiveness, the big pellet, the highly concentrated dregs thick liquid. Widely applies to department and so on metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power, building materials, environmental protection.

SP pumps is the vertical centrifugal dregs thick liquid pumps, theater pump entrance is vertical vertically to under, the exportation another side which pumps is being upward. Upside pumps mainly filters the outline, the pump body, the impeller, the axis by under, the protection board, components and so on support is composed, pumps has the bearing supporting; Pumps installs under the fluid, does not want any axis to seal, has flowed the part to use the anti-friction material.

This pumps the transmission pattern is BD and the DC two kinds, namely leather belt transmission and straight joint transmission. Plunges under the fluid the depth to be possible to decide in the standardize scope according to user's actual need.
  Jiangxi Gandong Mining Equipment Machinery Manufacturer Factory